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Tedim Flood Fund Raising
Please contribute for the victims of the recent flood in Tedim/Tonzang,
Chin State, Burma (Myanmar).

Thank you.

33 roads and 19 bridges
damaged by the flood.
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You could also contribute through Paypal


Dear Chin brothers, sisters and friends ,

We are in great concern and worry for Chin peoples living in the east side of US because hurricane Irene has been active in the area. Necessary emergency preparation and evacuation alert have been already implemented. By today August 27, 2011, the hurricane is believed to start coming ashore to North Carolina and the areas which are expected to fall on the storm’s hovering path are Norfolk, Virginia; Washington DC area; New York City, New York and Boston, Massachusetts.
Within 2011, the total damage caused by natural disasters such as storms and floods is already about $35 billion. That is equivalent to the cost of damages due to natural disasters in 2008. It is still hard to estimate how much the total damage will rise by the end of 2011. (Reference: CNN)
Back in our Chinland, damages caused by natural disasters like this have been reported. It has been reported that those friends that we left in Chin state are also affected by rain flood. Since we are in foreign countries, let’s just not pay attention to country news we live in but enquire news about our Chinland that we left. Recently, UNDP reported that Chin state is the poorest among 14 states and divisions combined in the country with poverty rate 73.3% of the state population. (Source: Laiforum)
Within August, it has been raining so much that houses, roads, farmlands, bridges and forests were destroyed by downstream floods and landslides in 15 villages in Tedim Township. The report of loss is also attached. The affected villages are Valvum, Nennung, Tuilanh, Tuicinlui, Zungh, Phunom, Thangnuai, Laibungh, Suangpi, Saizang, Lailo, Haupi, Tuithang, Dimpi and Teeklui.
The goal of CYO is “To safeguard Culture and Social Security, Development and Solidarity of Youth, and Working for Chinland and Chin peoples”. It is learnt that International Rescue Committee (IRC) is in course of fund raising for famine affected in East Africa. Likewise, CYO is conducting fund raising campaign for peoples affected by rain flood in Tedim. Currently, Tedim Youth Fellowship is helping the affected peoples. CYO will collaborate with TYF in the relief work.
The scale of loss of our Chin friends caused by the flood in Chin state is very much in contrast compared to United States for being the poorest state in Burma versus wealthiest country in the world. We would like to invite and urge everyone to put in mind the situation in Chin state and give the help as much as we can effort.
How to send help?
You can donate using CYO website. Click on Tedim Flood Donation and enter your debit / credit card information. The online donation system on CYO website is safe and secure. Our website uses Authorize.net system which is also used in popular commercial website like www.leviemmanuel.com owned by Chin woman Dr. Levi Sap Nei Thang. CYO has no authority to collect any information from donors except receiving the money donated.
Individuals can also give or send their donations to CYO by contacting to local CYO Leaders in each state.
Individuals living in states where local CYO is not available can send in Check. Please write accordingly the required information on the Check as “CYO” or “Chin Youth Organization” as Payee, “Tedim Flood” as For. And post it to – CYO, 8102 Union Street, Indianapolis, IN 46227.
US residents, non US Churches and other organizations can directly contact Mr. Nung Sian Tuang, President of Tedim Youth Fellowship (stuangtyf@gmail.com). Or enquire can be made directly to email of TYF, tedimyouth2003@gmail.com.
For donors via CYO channel, the list of donor names will be sent to Tedim Youth Fellowshop. We will try to send at least US$ 1000. Besides CYO, we would like to urge capable individuals, business owners, Churches to help in propagating this donation campaign. Please help us disseminating this donation campaign also to other non-Chin communities and friends.

Information & Publicity
Central Executive Committee
Chin Youth Organization

nunphung le zatlang kilvennak lai mino lungrualnak miphun le ram ca riantuannak
Litetarute le Culture Department hi kan mino hna caah a biapi ngaingai mi a si. Miphun pakhat a nunak ah cerhti bantuk a si. Nunphung le Caholh a ngei lomi cu miphun hmanh ah telh khawh an si lo. Cucaah kan miphun ruven kan duh le chan saupi tiang hmun seh ti kan duh ahcun kan nunphung le kan caholh hi kan dirkamh le kan cawisan a herh. ................. relchap Aluan ciami kum 20 lio ah mah bantukin vawleicung ram tha bik, ram nuam bik le sipuazi in siseh, ramkhel rian lei in siseh a tthawng bikmi, super power ram pakhat a simi, US ram ah Chin miphun hna nih Chin miphun lungrualnak caah CYO hna dirh in rian kan tuan lai timi hi kan chun mang hmanh in kan rak manh khawh lomi a si. Chin miphun hna nih  relchap Thai le Kawlram ramri ah Kawl ralkap le Karen ralkap an i tuk ruangah, Chiangmai he a hlat tuk lonak Nu Po refugee camp ti mi ah lai mi tlawmpal an um. An dihlak 247 an si. 2011 kum 63nak Lai Phunpi Ni tuahnak ah fund an ngeih lo ruangah CYO nih $ 200 kan bawmh. Khua zei ka kan um hmanh ah kan miphun le ram ca cu philh lo ding........... relchap

Tedim Tilianh Fund Kawlnak

Upatmi Lai miphun u le nau hna,
Hurricane Irene nih US nichuahlei ah a hranhnawh cuahmah i US nichuahlei ummi laimi pawl cu thinphan lau in kan um. A herhmi emergency preparedness timhtuahnak tete zong an ngei dih. Nihin August 27, 2011 in cun North Caroline ah a von luhhnawh pah cang, tlawmpal um ah Norfolk, Virginia;
Washington DC area ; New York City, New York le Boston, Massachusetts ah a lam thluan cu zoh a si.

2011 chungah US ramkulh chungah tilet tho le thlichia hran ruangah a rawkmi vialte hi $ 35 billion a si cang. Cucu 2008 lio i a rawkmi he ai tluk. 2011 kum dih tiangah zei tluk dah a si te lai ti theih lo a si rih.
(Chirhchan: CNN )

Kan kaltakmi kan Lairamte zong ah hi bantuk tilianh ruangah a rawkmi tete an um len. Kan kaltakmi kan Lai hawi pawl thih le nung an tong cuahmah ve. Ramdang ah kan um cang ruangah kan umnak ram thawngpang lawng si loin kan kaltakmi Laitlang thawngpang zong hlathlai cio hna usih. Laitlang (Chin State) cu Kawlram chung um State 14 chung ah sifak bik a si i milurel 73.3 % cu a sifak tiah UNDP: Poverty Profile nih an chim fawn. (Chirhchan: Laiforum)

August thla chungah ruahpi a sur tuk ruangah Tedim peng i khua 15 ah an inn, an lam, an lo, an hlei, an tiva, an thinghnah……vialte a rawk dih. A rawkmi cazin kha kan thilchih. Harsat a tongmi khua hna cu Valvum, Ngennung, Tuilangh, Tuicinlui, Zungh, Phunom, Thangnuai, Laibungh, Suangpi, Saizang, Lailo, Haupi, Tuithang, Dimpi le Teeklui an si hna.

CYO kan hmuitinh cu “Nunphung le zatlaang kilvennak , Seino lungrualnak le thanchonak, le
Kan ram le miphun caah riantuantinak” an si. International Rescue Committee (IRC) nih East Africa i mangttaam a tlungmi pawl caah fund raising a tuah. CYO zong nih Tedim i harsat a tongmi hna caah fund raising kan tuah ve. Atu harsat an tonmi vialte hi Tedim Youth Fellowship (Tedim) nih an tawrelpi hna.
CYO nih anmah he pehtlaihnak ngeih in rian kan ttuantti lai.

Vawlei cung ramtha cem US ram i thlichia le tilet ruangah a rawkmi le vawlei cung a sifak cemmi ram chung i a sifak bikmi State ah a ummi Laimi hawi hna nih kan tonmi hi cu tahchun awk tha loin ai thlau hrinhran ko. Cucaah kan pampak cio in kan hngakkar ah tenh hna usih law kan ti khawh zat te cu bawm kho usih law tiah sawm le nawl kan in duh hna.

Bawmhnak A Kuatning
1. CYO website ah Tedim Flood Donation timi kha hmet law nan debit/credit card number kha khumh in kuat khawh a si. CYO nih kan hmanmi online in phaisa laknak hi a himmi si. Pi Levi Sap Nei Thang nih a rimhmui thawngthanhmi website ah an hmanmi he ai khat i Authorize.net kan hmang ve. Nan information vialte CYO nih zei hmanh kan la kho lo. A phaisa lawng a lut lai.
2. Pumpak in tlawmte thawh a duhtu nih State kip i CYO Local Upa pawl sinah pehtlaih in kuat khawh a si.
3. CYO local a um lonak State pawl nih cun Check cungah “ CYO” silole “ Chin Youth Organization” tiah ttial in a ruang timi “For” ah khan “Tedim Flood” tiah ttial in CYO, 8102 Union Street, Indianapolis, IN 46227 ah kuat khawh a si.

4. US ram um le US ram leng Khrihfabu le adang bu pawl nih Tedim Youth Fellowship President Mr. Nung Sian Tuang (stuangtyf@gmail.com) sinah direct pehtlaih khawh zong a si. Tedim Youth Fellowship sin zong ah tedimyouth2003@gmail.com direct in hlathlai khawh a si.

CYO min tang in a hlutu vialte kha an min cio langhter in Tedim Youth Fellowship sinah kuat a si lai.
A tlawm bik US $ 1000 kuat khawh kan i zuam lai. CYO lawng si loin chawvalei thazaang a ngeimi pumpak, dawr ngeitu le Khrihfabu kip zong nih ttan rak kan lakpiak uh law tiah nawl kan in duh hna. Kanmah Laimi chung lawng si loin nan pawngkam miphun dang hawile sin zong ah outsource
rak kan tuahpiak hram ko uh.


Information & Publicity
Central Executive Committee
Chin Youth Organization



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2011 CYO Conference ah a tel khomi nan dih lak, a zohtu nan dihlak le online in thazaang a kan pe mi nan dihlak cungah lawmhnak tampi kan ngei. 2013 July thla ah Indianapolis, Indiana ah i tong than hna uh sih.

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Laiseino.com website kongkau le a dang dang ruahnak pek na duh ahcun info@laiseino.com ah na ruahnak thlah khawh a si.
A kan lengmi nan dihlak cungah lawmnak tampi kan ngei. Hi website hi kan tuah cuahmah lio a si.